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37th Annual JSC FOD
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Chili cook off

Cook-Off Parking Information


Here are some general guidelines for parking on Friday and Saturday. If this does not cover your questions, please call Lisa Gurgos at 281-244-8133 or e-mail her.

If you plan to camp overnight Friday night, or bring in a motor home, or a camper, etc, please notify Lisa Gurgos.

ABSOLUTELY, NO PARKING on the SOCCER FIELD!!! Period, do not do it, don't even think about it! Let your team, family, friends, etc. know this is prohibited!!

Friday Parking:

If you do not have a NASA badge, you must enter the public accessible Gate 5 (Gilruth entrance off Space Center Blvd). Gate 5 will be unlocked and open all night Friday.

Gates off 2nd Street leading to the grassy area surrounding the cook-sites will be open at 2:00 pm through 8:00 pm Friday, weather permitting. You may park in any grassy area except the inner jogging trail area (in and around the pavilion). You may also park in any paved parking spot. Security will patrol occasionally. MOVE your car out of the grass parking south of the pavilion, inside the locked fence, BEFORE 8:00pm or it will be locked in for the night. If you plan to camp overnight on Friday night, are bringing in a motor home, camper, etc. Please notify Lisa Gurgos.

Saturday Parking:

Parking Pass - you will need a parking pass to proceed through Gate 5. There will be a parking attendant monitoring this entrance. (Gilruth Gate to Space Center). You may park in any of the 3 paved lots or in the grass area south of the pavilion. Each team will be given 4 parking passes.

No parking pass - Enter gate 1, the only public access gate, and ride the shuttle bus to the event. Parking will be available in the lots across from Buildings 13 and 15 on Ave D. Shuttles will run from 7AM - 6PM.

*The grassy field area inside the fence (area in between the pavilion & child care center, and close to team spots) is WEATHER DEPENDENT. If it rains AT ALL that week, or the day of, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE OR PARK on the grass. The gate to the field area will be locked.

ALL GRASS Parking is AT YOUR OWN RISK, rain or shine (meaning if the ground is wet, and you park out there and get stuck...YOU are on your own and "shine" means if something happens to your vehicle, we are not responsible). All public parking will be via Main Gate 1 off Saturn Lane.

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Updated: April 20, 2020